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Casey McFarland



Hi !   My name is Casey and this is my website.

Kansas City Chiefs Football Picture
My favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

What I Love To Do

I love to read. Reading is one of the most amazing things you can do because you can travel to places you've never been or be things you really want to be. I also find great joy in Taekwondo. I love Taekwondo because when I'm angry I can just let loose on a sparring partner or a bag. I absolutly LOVE volleyball. It is one of my favorite sports ever. I have a fantastic serve, my coach says it is almost high school level!

Some of My Favorite People

I really love my whole family. I love my mom sooo much. She helps me with my homework if I have trouble with a question, she makes all of my meals, and she has enough love to share with the entire world! I love my dad a whole lot because he is like my best bud in the entire world! I also appreciate that he takes me to all of the marketing super conferences. I also love him very much because he is a loving and supportive dad. He is a kid inside so he rides all the scary rides with me. I love Grandma Bev because she is a very sweet and loving grandma. Some of the things I like to do with her is go and see movies. I also like playing cards with her and Granpa John. I love Granpa John SO much. He is an amzing person, and he taught me most of the magic tricks I know today. I also want to mention Mama Sarah and Grampa Mason. They live in Flordia. They are really great grandparents. I love them so much and I especially love visiting them. I just love them so much. I also really love Grandma Sandy and Granpa Harold. They are realy knid to me. I love it when they come visit us. I love my cousins also. They are really fun to hang out with and all of them are super funny.


My Family History

My family is very interesting. I think it is best if I start with my ancesetors. Ancesetors from my dad's side and mom's came to America by the May Flower. Out of the small percentage of people who came over by the May Flower My dad's AND my mom's ancesetors came over on the May Flower. How cool is that?! Mom gave me the family geneology book. It is called the Winsons of Cherryfield Maine.